Top Golf Clubs in Derbyshire

Not many are aware of this, but Derbyshire is probably one of the most storied regions in the country.

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Tucked in the northern reaches of England, Derbyshire has been inhabited by humans from as early as 200,000 thousand years ago. Its once-huge deposit of lead ore, aside from attracting the attention of Roman miners and blacksmiths during the Roman conquest of AD43, also powered the growth of the ancient Kingdom of Mercia, founded by the descendants of the Kings of the Angles, which dominated the British Isles for close to four hundred years before the turn of the first millennium.


Derbyshire is also the birthplace (at least, one of) of the Industrial Revolution, most notably through its water-powered cotton mills and ground breaking cotton spinning technology. Heck, the Derwent Valley Mills, the prototype of the modern factory system, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


However, in recent years, its rolling hills, lush meadows and quiet moorlands have brought a new level of recognition for the region, namely in the form of its golf courses. Derbyshire still has a way to go before its golf courses attain the fame of St. Andrews or Muirfield in Scotland, but as far as East Midlands is concerned, the eight districts of Derbyshire already offer some of the best golf courses sponsored by big names such as Callaway wedges, and consequently, quality golf club shops in the north.

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Naturally, a great deal of subjectivity is involved in rating golf clubs. Course design, layout, landscaping and location all come immediately to mind when evaluating the merits and appeal of golf clubs. After all, poor course layout inevitably leads to poor line of sights, long walks between green and tees (including the dreaded elevated trails), and the dreaded monotony. Imagine playing with just a wood and one putter for 18 holes – there is a reason why golf bags are filled with 14 types of clubs.

Other factors, such as dining options, pro shops, club house, and membership fees, also come into consideration when trying to decide where to spend your weekends or summer holidays. To spare you days of aggravation, we’ve undertaken the grave task of sifting through all the 47 clubs in the area (as of 2017) to find the best one for our readers. You’ll thank us later.

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